Hey everyone! This is the beginning of a series of blog posts sharing what we, at DuncanAfrica, have been up to over the past six months and to let you know that we are still going strong! Many great changes are happening in DA, so please check in to see where things are at from time to time! You won’t be disappointed!

We will start in order so it all makes sense and what better way to start, then to show you the people who were impacted by the Christmas Hampers that so many of you so generously donated towards!

Olive, who works with DuncanAfrica in Mpigi wrote the following; “I was given the opportunity to head the Christmas Hampers Project for DuncanAfrica. This was a very great work in our community for the people of Mpigi. Most especially for the needy, lame, blind, very old and many others.” ~ Olive

Olive went around the community of Mpigi to discover who was most in need. She then determined what their needs were, which consisted of items like mattresses to sleep on, food, and Jerry Cans for water. She compiled a list and once the donations came in from Canada, she went and bought the items. The Trade School students then went and delivered the items to the people in need. 100% of the donations went towards buying all the items that you can see in the photos below. Thank you for making a tangible impact in the lives of so many over Christmas!