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Welcome to the DuncanAfrica family, where we love people and we love guitars and we passionately dislike poverty.  A unique social venture that combines the best of charity and business, creating a new model for development based on sustainability, excellence and merit.

In 2007 the Suubi Trade School was birthed in a dusty, impoverished village in Uganda, East Africa.  The focus of this school was to teach young people to build world class acoustic guitars and connect these young apprentices to an overseas market.  In the future these students will operate their own guitar manufacturing plant.

One fine instrument at a time, these young people are defying the odds stacked against them and delivering guitars that inspire.  Combining high quality materials, a passion for excellence and a proven design has ignited a fire in the hearts of our apprentices.  The result?  Truly affordable, handmade guitars that sound phenomenal and play easily.

Duncan Africa Suubi Guitar

Could A Guitar Change The World?

Where does the money go?  Into the community, as it should.  In the form of wages, education, healthcare and supplies to grow the trade school.

You’ve been looking for a guitar that stands out.

We’ve been looking for people like you.

Together, we’re already changing the world.

J.A. Duncan
Master Luthier & Founder

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