Jay Duncan – Master Luthier, President & Founder

Jay Alexander Duncan is the President and Founder of The DuncanAfrica Society of Canada with responsibility in Canada for Program Development, Management, Fundraising, Product Development, Supply Chain, Quality Control and Sales.

He also serves as Master Luthier and Headmaster when teaching guitar making at the Suubi Trade School in Mpigi, Uganda. Responsibilities in Uganda also include Supply Procurement, Student and Staff Selection, Legal Applications and Financial Management.

In 1992 he began building guitars in his fathers’ garage. From 1996 to 2003, Mr. Duncan worked for himself as an independent luthier while also working for Larrivee Guitars. Notable are the 50 instruments built during this period, which included steel-string, classical and arch-top guitars. In 2004, Mr. Duncan founded The DuncanAfrica Society which would take him to Uganda, East Africa, where he established the Suubi Trade school in the township of Mpigi, just outside the capital city, Kampala. Mr. Duncan travels from his home in Vancouver, BC, Canada to the trade school every year, for periods of up to three months. To date, he has taught 16 students the fine art of luthiery.

Mr. Duncan was born April 11, 1970 and graduated from Spruce Grove Composite High School, (1988), in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada, where he spent his childhood and young adult years. He studied classical music at Alberta College and The Kings’ University College and pursued the classical guitar through the Royal Conservatory of Toronto.

Mr. Duncan is an active member of New Hope Christian Church in Delta, BC, where he served part-time on staff as a worship leader for two years, primarily mentoring younger musicians. Prior to this position, he volunteered at Peace Portal Alliance Church for five years in a similar capacity. A passionate songwriter he has co-written and released three albums since 2003.

Originally from Spruce Grove, Alberta, Mr. Duncan currently makes his home in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, where he enjoys spending his free time with his young family, Noah, Mayer and beautiful wife, Irena.


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