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DuncanAfrica is a unique organization. We’re not your average charity, or your run-of-the-mill non-profit organization. We are passionate about eradicating poverty, but doing so in a sustainable manner by providing opportunities for our students to make better lives for themselves and their families through learning the craft of building world-class guitars. So when people ask about how they can sponsor a student, how does that fit in with our operating model?

We received clear feedback from our students that the last thing they wanted was a handout. They have been given an opportunity and are making the best of it. If you would like to “sponsor” a student, here’s what it looks like:

Where does the money in the General Scholarship Fund go?

Apprenticeship / Wages
As with any trade school, our students/apprentices are paid a fair wage for their work. Average cost for a student per month including wages and meals is $90.

$10 a month – funds approximately .1 students per month
$20 a month – funds approximately .2 students
$50 a month – funds approximately .5 students
$100 a month – funds approximately 1.1 students

Enhanced Education
From time to time, there is either a need to educate our students on a specific skill outside of guitar building (e.g. computer skills) or students will request for specific training. (e.g. one student asked us to help find an English course for him to improve his language skills and offered to pay for it himself)

$40 – this is an example of how much a week-long computer course for all our students would cost.

All enhanced education needs must be approved by the DuncanAfrica Society Board of Directors prior to disbursement of funds.

Learn More About Duncan Africa Custom Acoustic Guitars Models

DuncanAfrica acoustic guitars are among the finest available and are at home in any genre or musical atmosphere.


Our dreadnaught guitar The Jubilee has a large, focused sound and excels in the hands of rhythm players. 


Our OM guitar features an enlarged upper bout for enhanced harmonics and overtones - perfect for strummers or finger pickers.


Our parlor guitar touts a small body with a big sound. The Pearl will be perfectly suited to folksy, blues and roots players.