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Who We Are

In April, 2005, master luthier Jay Duncan and his team founded The DuncanAfrica Society.  Their vision was to fight poverty in Africa while bringing outstanding instruments into the world. The people of Africa are brilliant and prolific, but are caught in the seemingly inescapable cycles of poverty and paucity caused by war, economic despair, lack of education and continuous privation.

A player first holding a DuncanAfrica guitar is often pleasantly surprised by the exceptional quality of its composition and the vitality of its tone. Each guitar is unique, constructed by hand while adhering to the highest standards, unlike most guitars today that are mass-produced in factories. At home in any genre or musical atmosphere, DuncanAfrica guitars are amongst the finest available today.


The DuncanAfrica Society & Guitar Co. Concert Fundraiser

With undeniable stage presence, an authenticity of costumes and instruments, and foremost, note-perfect replications of the music, it’s small wonder that THE FAB FOUREVER is fast being touted: “The #1 Beatles Tribute in Canada!”

Kevin Davey as ‘John,’ Jody Tennant as ‘Paul,’ Charles Boname as ‘George,’ and Paul Kaszonyi as ‘Ringo.’

Don’t miss The Fab Fourever as they take the audience on a fantastic voyage from 1962 on. Welcome to the music that was indeed the soundtrack to a generation!

The DuncanAfrica Society and Guitar Co. concert fundraiser is one that you do not want to miss! Come take a look at some beautiful handcrafted Duncan Guitars, enjoy an evening of music, a silent auction, and an in depth look at how DuncanAfrica Society is helping the people of Uganda change thier lives one guitar at a time!

Latest News & Updates

A Letter To Our Friends

A Letter To Our Friends We hope this letter finds you and your loved ones doing well.  We are very grateful for the online community which supports our work and spreads the word about DuncanAfrica – you all do such a great job of telling the story through your own...

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The 2016 DuncanAfrica Society Benefit Concert

Come join in a night of fantastic music and partner with the work of The DuncanAfrica Society. Order Your Tickets Online Now > Brian Doerkson Norm Strauss John Barnett Come join in a night of...

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Anthony Quails, his new album and the Selah

We sat down for a brief conversation with Anthony Quails, who is part of the family here at Duncan Africa. Anthony has a new album coming out soon, and it is currently in the middle of a KickStarter Campaign, so be sure to go check it out and support him if you like...

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