Anthony Quails

Brushy One String

Roy Salmond
Whitewater Productions

James S. Smith
Clubmen Music Production

Luke Langman

Dave Siverns

Cory Doiron

Mark Miller
(So Long Solo)

Norm Strauss

“I am so thankful for Jay Duncan and the DuncanAfrica project and the ongoing work in Uganda. I also immensely enjoy my Selah model DA guitar and have used it as my main instrument now for over 6 years both in the studio and on tour. It has proven itself over and over again to be a truly fine instrument while also weathering the abuse that often comes from being on the road.” 

Sean Dayton

“When I first heard about Duncan Africa, I fell in love with the story. When I first played a Duncan Africa, I fell in love with the guitar. The story really is beautiful but so is the guitar!” 

Alex Toney

“DuncanAfrica guitars are fantastic, unique instruments that sing with the very life of the community they are born in. I have played many high-end guitars, but I keep coming back to my DuncanAfrica Selah OM-SR and love it more than anything else. Wherever I play, I consistently receive comment after comment about how good it sounds.”


“I get a lot of enjoyment out of my DuncanAfrica Selah guitar! I have used this beautiful guitar in lots of different settings: for performing, worship leading and recording. I don’t know if I’ve heard a more beautiful sounding guitar through the PA system. A really sweet sound!”

Andy Park