Christmas Hampers In Uganda

With the advance of Covid-19, our lives have been marked by 2020 like no other year. We have shared in your uncertainty and worry. We have also shared in hope, love, and faith. May this year remind us all of love and gratitude. May we be stronger and kinder as we continue on.
Our annual Christmas Hamper Initiative begins! More than ever The DuncanAfrica Society looks to our friends to be a light for the needy in the village of Mpigi, home to our trade school.
The community has seen incomparable loss. The educated, such as teachers, have lost their positions and turned to Boda driving and brick making to make an income. Those who were selling at markets have had no work for months. Rent has not been paid and loans defaulted. Mobility has ceased. The economy has crashed.
Many students, particularly girls, have not returned to school. Abuse and prostitution have become rampant. Women labored through childbirth alone as doctors would not attend. Children were taken to orphanages as families could no longer provide for them. Lives have been lost.
Some survived on peelings, scraps, and whatever could be found. Others have gone with nothing. In a land where poverty was already rampant, the current crisis has raised the devastation to a new level.
Every year we collect donations and our managers and student workers deliver life-giving essentials to the families, elderly, ill, disabled, and neediest in the village and neighbouring villages. 100% of your donation goes directly to buying food, beds, blankets, shoes, livestock, and more. Whatever the need is, we seek to provide it. In past years we have been able to raise several thousand dollars, impacting the lives of over a hundred families. Please consider a gift to this precious community who have been tremendously moved and deeply grateful for your past generosity.
We thank you all for your support by way of donation and in purchasing the guitars. We are so proud of the student workers as they master the art of guitar-building, producing truly incredible instruments.
Tax receipts are issued for all donations (Canadian only – sorry!). Please see our website for online donating or contact us. Kindly specify “hamper drive”. Let us stand together as a global community to be there for each other at this difficult time.

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